The School of Business Administration conducts the national project to declare the third seminar of this semester

Web news (Photographic coverage Hu) Our institute held the third national project application academic seminar in the 327 conference room of Qunxian Building at 9:00 am on November 20, 2018. The activity was hosted by Dean Ma. The four teachers of Ji, Dai, Bi and Qian exchanged ideas on national project declaration. Dean Ma gave guidance and comments separately, and the bone master teachers of the whole institute discussed the contents of the report and provided opinions.

The theme of this issue is the subject research theory and actual citation value, research status and trends at home and abroad. The four teachers took turns sharing their own national or social science topics in turn. Dean Ma gave detailed comments: Although the professions are different, many of the questions are common. They must look at the ideas and closely follow the theme. This is the key point to impress the judges; the topic is the first impression to the judges,it must have impact, express accurately, novelly and concisely, and should not confuse similar concepts; the problem of branching should have an inherent logical relationship.

Finally, Dean Ma used his national self-support fund declaration template to analyze the points that should be paid attention to in academic writing, detailed solutions and analysis. Although many problems in the subject have been studied, two or more concepts combined together may be a new field of research, giving everyone new ideas.

Every teacher said it is very instructive to learn from the seminars to learn how to apply for national issues and provincial and ministerial issues. In the future, we can do some homework in advance according to the topic of communication personnel, and combine with our own research to ask questions and find the entry point for future cooperation.