The case written by our marketing faculty team won the first prize of the National University Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Case Competition

From November 30th to December 2nd, 2018, the 3rd National College Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Case Competition was held at Guangdong University of Finance and Economics. The "Design of Marketing Communication Strategy Based on Thinking Visualization Technique Training - Based on the New Balance 580 Street Series" written by three teachers, Wang , Chen and Jin, in our institute, performed well in the final defense session, with the first place in the management team,the team won the first prize.

The National University Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Case Competition is a national competition sponsored by the Economic Research Group of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of the Higher Education Institution. It has been held for three consecutive sessions, from Nearly 100 excellent experimental teaching cases fromXiamen University, Shandong University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economicsetcwere reviewed anonymously by primary experts, and 34 cases were selected to enter the final defense session at the Guangdong University of Finance and Economics. According to the professional attributes of the entries, the competition will be divided into two groups which include economy and management, and both of them will select the first prize, the second prize, the third prize, and the third prize individually.

The accrediting experts believe that the cases provided by our marketing team are closely related to the social and economic reality, reflecting the characteristics of management, especially marketing teaching. The case resources are available for experimental verification, exploration and innovation. The topic is typical and representative. The theoretical basis is reliable, the logic is rigorous, innovative, and the case construction has reached an advanced level.

In the construction of this case, the marketing teacher team of the School of Business Administration has always adhered to a basic concept that innovation of thinking is the premise of marketing innovation. Therefore, in the whole case construction, around the real task situation requirements of New Balance 580 communication strategy, thinking model is used as the theoretical foundation of marketing innovation, and thinking technology training is used as the basic method of marketing innovation to enhance students' special situations when facing real situations and realizing the innovation of getting rid of routines. After years of intensive cultivation, the exploration and efforts of this experimental teaching finally saw obvious results and was recognized by students and experts.