We participated in the 2023 Forum on the Construction and Internationalization of New Business Courses in Higher Education Institutions and gave a keynote speech at the first ACBSP China Annual Conference

On December 2-3, 2023, the Chinese Society of Management Sciences, the Global Business and Management Decision Professional Committee, the China Office of the American Business School Accreditation Committee, and Guangdong University of Science and Technology held the "2023 Forum on New Business Construction and International Development in Higher Education Institutions and the First Annual Conference of ACBSP China" in Dongguan, Guangdong. The theme of the conference was "Innovation, Openness, Precision Cultivation, and Cooperation", Invite experts and scholars from the field of business education at home and abroad to jointly discuss the construction of new business majors and international cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of business education and business major construction. Professor Leng Kaijun, Dean of the School of Business Administration, Professor Bi Ya, Head of Supply Chain Management, and relevant leaders from the International Exchange Office and the School of Finance jointly participated in this symposium.

Professor Ma Longlong, former president of the China Society of Business Economics, and Jeffrey Alderman, CEO of ACBSP certification, delivered speeches respectively.

Zhang Xiaodong, Vice President of the Chinese Society of Management Sciences, Steve Parscale, Chief Certification Officer of ACBSP, Jose C. Alves, Dean of the School of Business at City University of Macau, Professor Dou Wenyu, Academic President of the China Campus of SKEMA Business School in France, Paul Turner, former East Asian Director of IIE International Education School, and Professor Wu Liping, Vice President of Guangdong University of Science and Technology, respectively, have reconstructed their digital majors, obtained ACBSP certification and standards We shared the issues in Sino foreign cooperative education and the construction of new business majors in the context of internationalization.

Professor Leng Kaijun, Dean, gave a keynote speech on "Exploration and Practice of National First Class Professional Construction Based on ACBSP Certification", introducing the current progress of professional and disciplinary development in Hubei University of Economics and School of Business Administration, especially the achievements since the implementation of ACBSP certification, and the overall development plan for professional construction under the background of "New Finance and Economics" reform.

After the meeting, the attendees had extensive and in-depth discussions and exchanges with experts and scholars from around the world on various aspects of ACBSP certification to promote high-quality professional development.