The final of the first winter snow feast talent contest was successfully concluded

On December 2, the finals of the talent competition jointly organized by the school of finance and public administration, the school of economics and trade, the school of low-carbon economics and the institute of higher finance and economics were held in lecture hall 1 of the college student activity center. About 800 students from four schools attended the performance.

At the scene of the activity, martial arts, dance, band performance and other wonderful artistic and artistic programs were staged in turn on the stage. Eleven groups of contestants from four colleges showed the elegant demeanor of high school musical youth to their heart's content. Among them, tian guopeng, a sophomore student in our college, sang over the fire solo, which won applause and welcome from the audience. The audience kept cheering, bringing the atmosphere of the competition to a climax. Freshman cao hao yu through the sale of newspapers, Shouting and other dance, with body language to restore the old Shanghai period a small newspaper boy, to the audience to enjoy the visual.

Finally, our students Guopeng Tian won the first prize, Haoyu Cao won the second prize, modeling team (including our student Yi Hu, Shiqi Zhong) won the third prize, Xinyi Li won the talent star.