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Since the establishment of financial education in 1948, the school of Finance has more than 60-years of academic history. Our school, by following the trend of the development of the financial industry, has gradually formed the teaching philosophy of the Three Emphases, namely emphases on foundation, practice, and application, which has served for the talent cultivation goal of the Three Ps, including practice, practicability, and performance. We also have earned a good reputation by sending talented professions to financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and security companies. Our school won the title of Advanced Collective of National Education System in 2007 and was approved as the pilot school for university educational reform in Hubei Province in 2013.


Currently, there are five majors for undergraduates in our school, including Finance, Investment, Insurance, Financial Engineering, as well as Credit Management. We have also established multiple experimental classes for talent cultivation model reform, such as Experimental Class of the Cultivation of Outstanding Innovative Talents in Finance, Experimental Class of International Finance, and ABC-Yangtze Rive Class jointly with Agriculture Bank of China, Hubei Branch. Since 2010, we have jointly enrolled postgraduates of Finance with Hubei University and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Since 2012, we have enrolled MPAcc.


Our school has attached great importance to discipline construction and formed three academic directions, namely Regional Financial Development, Financial Risk Management, as well as Rural Financial System. Finance was rated as a key discipline in Hubei Province in 2006, and rated as a national characteristic specialties construction school in 2009 as well as a national pilot project for the comprehensive reform of the undergraduate majors in 2013.


With years of construction and development, our school has gradually formed an academic ladder, featuring relatively stable research areas and sustainable development of abilities. The ladder is formed with Chutian scholars, Rainbow scholars, and provincial academic leaders as the core, school academic leaders and academic backbones as the main part, and young and middle-aged teachers as the support. At present, the School of Finance has 45 full-time teachers, including 11 professors, 6 special-term professors, 22 associate professors, and 34 doctors (including PhD candidates). Among all the teachers, there are 3 professors named Chutian Scholar, 1 professor named Rainbow Scholar, 3 experts receiving Hubei Provincial Government special allowance, 2 cross-century young and middle-aged academic leaders of Hubei Province, 2 second-level candidates of Hubei New Century High-level Talents Program, 1 winner of Hubei May First Labor Medal, 1 young and middle-aged expert with prominent contributions to Hubei Province, and 9 teachers honored as National Model Teacher, Excellent Educator of National Financial System, Hubei Pacesetter of Teachers Moralities , or Hubei Excellent Teacher. There are more than 30 teachers studying or conducting academic exchanges in famous universities of USA, Canada, UK, France, and Japan. We also have 4 provincial Teaching Team of Key Financial Curriculums, and Hubei outstanding scientific innovation team for the young and the middle-aged.


Our school had 1 project supported by the National Natural Foundation of China, 7 projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China, and 12 projects supported by the Humanities and Social Science Foundation of Chinese Ministry of Education. We won over 20 scientific research achievement award at provincial or ministerial level, such as Hubei Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Hubei Outstanding Research Achievement Award, and Hubei Development Research Award. Additionally, we published more than 1000 articles in Journal of Financial Research, Studies of International Finance, etc. as well as over 80 academic monographs and specialized textbooks.


There are approximately 2,000 undergraduates in our school. According to the requirement of undergraduate education and cultivation, we have not only paid attention to the reform of diversified talents cultivation model, but also attached a great importance to the extracurricular activities, aiming to cultivate students innovation and practical abilities. The undergraduates in our school have also won many awards, such as Mathematical Contest In Modeling, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, National English Competition for College Students, Challenge Cup National College Students Extracurricular Science and Technology Works Competition, China Ping An Inspirational Program, National College Students Summer Social Practice Essay Writing Competition, National College Students Entrepreneurship Competition, Hubei Financial Knowledge Contest, and National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program.


Currently, we have formed a well rounded education system, including characteristic specialties, teaching teams, practice bases, excellent courses, and elite programs, with the national construction project for characteristic specialty and the national pilot project for comprehensive reform of specialty as the flagship, the provincial teaching team featuring Finance as the center, the provincial key research base for humanities and social sciences, provincial colleges and universities demonstration practice training base, provincial economic management experimental teaching demonstration center, and provincial financial university students innovation base as the platform, the provincial excellent coursesThe Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets as well as International Finance, and the provincial excellent resources sharing courses as the basis, and Experimental Program of the Cultivation of Outstanding Innovative Talents in Finance as the key point.

(PPT Presentation of theSchool of Finance)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:   Xu Chuanhua

    Vice Dean: Li Yi; Xu Huiling; Gao Peng

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary: Li Ying

    Vice Secretary: Gao Peng

Meet Some of Our Staff

  Professors: Wu Shaoxin; Qi Laying; He Huigang; Xu Chuanhua; Wang Guohong;

       Lin Jiangpeng; Li Min; Zhang Liyong; Bian Zhiqun;Peng Yun;Yang Xuelai;Liu Ning;Zhang Shixiao

  RAINBOW Scholars: Tang Wenjin

  CHUTIAN Scholars: Ai Chunrong;Yin Jianfeng;Lin Hao

       Industry Professor:Dong Yuxiang 

  Privileged Professors: Yu Jingpu; Zhu Xinrong; Fang Jie; Tang Wenjin; Wang Zhongtao; Tian Xinshi

  Associate Professors: Li Yi;Xu Huiling;Yang Xuedong; Wang Ruihua; Zhang Yuanwei ;Lu Xiuqing; Liu Yan; Li Zhengwang; Li Jianhua; Zhang Shixiao; Wang Jianhua; Lei Shengmao; Jin Dan; Cao Xiaowu; Tang Xiang; Li Xiaochang; Yang Min; Kong Yuehong;Lv Chengzhang;Ye Nan;Gao Jun

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