Chuanhua Xu and Chang Liu attended the Emerging Market Financial Ethics and Governance Conference in Edinburgh, UK

From May 1 to 5, Professor Chuanhua Xu, President of the College, and Assistant Professor Chang Liu, Director of the Department of Finance, were invited to attend the Conference on Financial Ethics and Governance in Emerging Markets held in Edinburgh, UK, and carried out a series of academic activities.

On May 1, business school of university of Edinburgh dragon biya arranges, chuanhua xu and this courtyard controller and finance, accountant and legal major leader had a discussion, everybody around the content such as institute management, professional construction, student overseas tour learns, teacher international communication undertook sufficient communication.

On May 3, Chuanhua Xu attended the Conference on Financial Ethics and Governance in Emerging Markets with more than 80 experts from home and abroad. At the conference, Chang Liu, a member of the paper group, read out the paper Solving the Financial Exclusion of Developing Countries: An Analysis Based on Dual Structural Model and Chinese Evidence.

On May 4, accompanied by Professor Shansheng Gao, a specialist in the 100 Persons Program of our university, Professor Chuanhua Xu, met with Professor Andrea Nolan, President of the University of Longbia in Edinburgh. They reached a lot of consensus on the cultivation of high-level talents, students'further study abroad and the construction of characteristic talents.

During the conference, Chuanhua Xu also held a rich academic seminar with a number of doctoral students in the university.