Professor Jie Zhang from Edinburgh Napier University teaches graduate students at the School of Finance

On the afternoon of March 26th and 27th, Professor Jie Zhang, the director of the Master of International Finance program at the Business School of Edinburgh Napier University in Britain, was invited to give a lecture to the 17th Master of Finance.Professor Zhang’s topic was CSR and Sustainability Reporting in Banking.She explained it in detail from the perspective of principles, specific objectives and how to achieve sustainable development in CSR and SD.There was a in-depth discussion on the topic of how to be a stakeholder, how to engage stakeholders in sustainable development, and how to play a role in sustainable development with students .

At the break between classes, Professor Zhang also shared his experience as a master of finance at Edinburgh Napier University, and shared with students the different concepts and models between the Chinese and foreign masters' teaching, and their respective advantages and disadvantages.She also teaches at the City University of Hong Kong and encourages students to go out and have a look. The short-term class teaching has benefited the students, but they still feel that the meaning is unfinished. Professor Zhang said that he would bring more knowledge to the students in the future.