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  The School of Foreign Languages now has 631 students, 69 full-time  teachers, including four professors, 17 associate professors, and 47  lecturers, among which there are two doctors, 60 masters, 13 doctoral  candidates, and several foreign teachers. It has three undergraduate  programs in English, Translation and Business English, and a MTI  postgraduate program sponsored with Hubei University.

  The School has three divisions and two research institutes; the  Department of English, the Teaching Division of College English, the  Division of Second Foreign Language, the ESP Institute, as well as the  Institute of Business Translation. In 2007,the College Englishwas cited  as a Provincial Excellent Course. In 2008, the teaching team of College  English was named as Provincial Teaching Team; in the same year, Foreign  Linguistics and Applied Linguistics was rated as college-level  preponderant discipline. In 2009, the English Language learning  demonstration center has been rated as the Provincial Language Learning  Demonstration Center and in that same year, the teaching research in the  School was awarded first prize, Provincial Teaching Achievement Award.  In 2013, Foreign Language and Literature was awarded the college-level  key discipline.

  In last five years, teachers in the School took on over 60 projects  at different levels and categories, including five projects at the  provincial and ministerial levels, 32 projects at the provincial and  department levels, five social projects, 23 college projects, two  research projects and teaching research projects were all awarded the  provincial research, teaching research achievement awards. They also  published 505 papers in academic journals, two academic monographs,  edited and co-edited 22 course books and teaching materials, as well as  three bi-lingual course books. There was one first prize, one second  prize and one third prize for the provincial teaching achievement award,  along with two first prizes, four second prizes and two third prizes  for the college-level teaching achievement award given to faculty of the  School.

 (PPT Presentation of the School of Foreign Languages)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean: He Mingxia

    Vice Dean: Wang Guoping; HouXianglang

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary: Liu Wei

    Vice Secretary: Wu Lu

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  Professors: He Mingxia Wang Guoping He Kangmin 

  Privileged Professors: Dai Weidong Luo Cheng

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  Address: Office 518, Arts and Humanities Building, HBUE 430205

  Tel: 86-027-81973731