Campus environmental protection, you and I travel together

News from this website (correspondent Zhejing Zhao, photographer Xian'ao Liu, Renxi Cao)In November 2021, the School of Information and Communication Engineering carried out a cleaning activity in Baogan District at the Flag-raising Platform in the East District. On November 3, the students of AI 2141 carried out a cleaning activity in the Baogan area. On November 10th, the students of Telecom 2141 continued to clean up the Baogan area. On November 18th, the students of Telecom 2142 followed up and carried out a cleaning activity in the Baogan area. On November 25th, students from Telecom 2041 cleaned the flag-raising platform and surrounding lawns in the East District. The cleaning activity in Baogan area was successfully concluded in November.

The students brought their cleaning tools and arrived at the flag-raising platform in the Eastern District on time according to the stipulated time. After the life committee in the class arranged the tasks, the students began to clean in the sanitation area they were responsible for. Every student is carefully cleaning the fallen leaves and rubbish on the lawn, and collects the collected rubbish and throws it into the trash can. The good spirits of the students added a unique warmth to the cold winter. With the joint efforts of the students, the entire lawn was completely renewed and the cleaning activity ended successfully.

       This activity not only created a comfortable and elegant learning environment for the students, but also showed the good spirit of the campus. At the same time, it strengthened the students' sense of unity and cooperation, and played a positive role in promoting the construction of the school. I believe that through the efforts of all of us, the campus will become more and more beautiful!