our teacher Zhou He won the first prize of the 9th teacher teaching competition

our teacher Zhou He won the first prize of the 9th teacher teaching competition

News (communicator: Qinghua Ke) november 25, the 9th teacherteaching competition final was held, sports economics andmanagement college Junpeng Du, information and communication engineering college Zhou He, journalism and communication college Shuai Yang, accounting college li diamond won the first prize. school leaders wen xingsheng, fang jie, wang da, lu xiaocheng, he huigang, zhang guoan, fu hong the same part of the teachers on-site observation, each college set up branch venues, teachers and students through the live platform online observation.

fang jie pointed out in his speech that the teacher teaching competition is a concentrated display of teacher style in various colleges, and is a vivid focus on training and education activities. it is hoped that all teachers will exchange learning through teaching competitions and form a good atmosphere in the whole school that attaches importance to the improvement of teaching ability, the quality of personnel training and the strengthening of classroom teaching construction.

the teacher-teaching contest, held every two years, is an important step to implement the fundamental task of the school's "lidshu people". the aim is to provide a platform for all teachers to learn from each other through the form of competitions, to encourage teachers to attach importance to teaching research, and to play a leading role in the demonstration of outstanding teachers.

the first stage of this competition is the college preliminary competition, each college through the classroom lectures, teaching exercises, expert guidance, centralized competition and other forms of careful organization, the selection of outstanding teachers to participate in the school rematch. the second stage is to score the teaching supervision, and the teaching supervision shall be organized by the teaching department to conduct on-the-spot lectures for the teachers recommended by the colleges, and 10 teachers will be selected to participate in the live finals. the third stage is the micro-class video online rating, the finalists of the 10 teachers uploaded 5-10 minutes of micro-class video, for the whole school teachers and students to vote. the fourth stage is the live final, divided into two groups at the same time, according to the results of the ranking of the scene to determine the first prize 4, the second prize 6. this teacher teaching competition has added a new model of micro-course video online scoring, which responds to the trend of online curriculum and micro-class mode in undergraduate teaching at present, and forms a competition atmosphere of "whole school attention, whole school participation".

on the morning of the final, 10 teacher judges rated the lesson plan design and board book design completed by the participating teachers on the spot, and 10 teacher judges and 10 student judges scored the live lectures in groups. rankings are published on-site based on each participating teacher's supervised listening score, micro-lesson video score, lesson plan design score, board design score, and on-site lecture score. the final scene was wonderful and the atmosphere was warm. the participating teachers carefully conceived, cleverly designed, with full mental state, in-depth shallow content, novel and effective teaching methods, rich and diverse interaction, won the judges and audience bursts of applause, fully demonstrated the solid professional skills of our school teachers and excellent comprehensive quality, the majority of teachers love teaching, rooted in teaching, and strive to improve the level of teaching ability to play a role in promoting and demonstrating.


school leaders Xingsheng Wen , Jie Fang, Da Wang , Xiaocheng Lu , Huigang He , Guoan Zhang , Hongtong Fu teachers on-site observation

president Jie Fang delivered a speech

first prize winner
Zhou He, school of information and communication engineering