HBUE was approved as the Entrepreneurship Training Designated Agency

(Correspondent Xiang Chen) On December 25, according to the Bureau of Wuhan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security, Hubei University of Economics was identified as the Designated Training Institution for Entrepreneurial of Wuhan.

Combining the reality of innovation and entrepreneurship education, our school strictly follows the requirements of entrepreneurship training,and well prepared for the training and related follow-up services. Our application successfully approvedthrough the process of application materials, evaluation, on-site inspection and re-evaluation, and online publicity.

The success shows the recognition of the Wuhan Municipal People's Social Security Bureau for the entrepreneurial training work of our school. HBUE will take this as a new starting point for entrepreneurial training work, and further deepen the entrepreneurship training to strengthen the entrepreneurial training ability, so as to teach more students interested in participating in entrepreneurship training to learn practical entrepreneurial knowledge, and to cultivate more high-level creative and innovative talents .