Welcome to the School of Information Management!

Welcome to the School of Information Management!



    The School of Information Management and Statistics (Big Data Institute) has established the Department of Management Information Systems, the Department of Electronic Commerce, the Department of Statistics, the Department of Applied Mathematics, the Department of Data Science and Engineering, and the Office of Integrated Management. It has information systems and management, applied statistics, and mathematics. Model, socio-economic system simulation four research institutes, statistical and mathematical modeling laboratory, computer-aided telephone survey laboratory, e-commerce entrepreneurial laboratory. Currently, it provides 8 undergraduate majors and information management and information systems in information management and information systems, e-commerce, statistics, applied statistics, economic statistics (financial statistics direction), financial mathematics, data science and big data technology, and management science. US-based undergraduate program (Hubei University of Economics and Montgomery University, USA). The college consists of three disciplines: management science and engineering, statistics, and applied mathematics. Statistics are awarded provincial-level key (cultivation) disciplines in Hubei Province, and management science and engineering are awarded key disciplines at the school level. In 2014, management science and engineering, statistics were approved by Hubei Chutian scholars to set up disciplines.

    The college adheres to the scientific development concept as the leader, takes discipline construction as the leader, and focuses on talent cultivation. It is committed to cultivating the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, body and beauty, solid theoretical foundation, broad knowledge, innovative spirit and practical ability. The economic management talents who understand information technology and quantitative methods, and the quantitative analysis talents who understand the business management and information technology, the level of running schools and the quality of running schools are constantly improving. The college has a faculty with a reasonable age, title, knowledge structure, reasonable academic distribution, strong teaching and research ability, strong vitality and great development potential. There are 82 full-time teachers, including 7 professors and 44 associate professors. Contained in reading 51 people. In recent years, he has chaired 5 national natural science fund projects, 5 national social science funds, 1 national education science planning project, 2 humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education, 1 special post-doctoral project in China, and a funded project by Chinese doctors. 2 items, 2 natural science funds of Hubei Province, 1 provincial social science project, more than 40 teaching and research topics at the bureau level; more than 20 monographs (including textbooks); in the European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE /ACM Transactions on Networking, IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Journal of Management Science, Systems Engineering Theory and Practice, China Management Science, Management Review, More than 300 papers have been published in important academic journals such as Statistical Research, Quantitative Economics and Technology Economics, Applied Mathematics, etc., and won the ninth and tenth Hubei Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards and other awards.

    The college adheres to open education and attaches importance to international exchanges and cooperation. In recent years, it has sent a number of young teachers to visit the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and other places to encourage teachers to participate in various academic exchanges at home and abroad. Jennifer Shang, a tenured professor at the University of Pittsburgh, was hired as a professor of Chutian scholars. Prof. Jin Yongjin from Renmin University of China was a professor at Chutian Scholars, a professor of education at Jiang Scholar, a tenured professor of Ohio University, and a professor of education at the University of Ohio. Distinguished Professor, Professor Zhou Yinqiang of the University of Hong Kong, and Wei Guoji, a well-known professor at the City University of Hong Kong, served as a special professor at the University. He has hired internationally renowned university professors and scholars such as Concordia University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong as visiting professors or part-time professors. Professors from key universities in China, such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University, came to the college to guide discipline construction and scientific research.

    The school adheres to the school-governance and enterprise-related education, and builds an internship base and joint development training courses with e-commerce cloud factory, Zhou Heiya, Shanghai Chenzhi, etc. The Taobao Entrepreneurship Laboratory jointly established with Taobao was awarded 2011 by Taobao University. Honorary title of “Best Partner”; signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement with many provincial and municipal governments in the province to continuously enhance local social and economic development and scientific research and innovation capabilities.

    The college adheres to the student-oriented principle. In recent years, graduates have won praises from employers for their good ideological quality and professional quality. The employment rate and the rate of entrance examinations are among the highest in the school. The students have outstanding performances in various discipline competitions and professional skills competitions. They have won the National University Student Management Decision Simulation Contest Grand Prize, the National College Student Network Business Innovation Application Contest Special Award, the National Finance and Economics University ERP Simulation Contest First Prize, the National College Student Market. The National First Prize of the National Survey and Analysis Competition won 6 national first prizes, 15 second prizes and more than 80 provincial awards in previous national mathematics modeling competitions. It won first class in the American College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition. 2 awards, more than 50 second and third prizes.

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Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:   Jiang Guoyin

    Vice Dean: Zhu Xiaobo;Zhang Zhigang;Liu Xingjun

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary: Yu Hong

    Vice Secretary: Shang Shouwei

Meet Some of Our Staff

  Professors:Dong lihong; Yu Xiaogao;Zhu Donghui;

  Associate Professors(Ph.D): Xian Jun;Mao Zhibing;Xiang Kai;Lei Junli;Wei Feifei;Jia Yufu;

  Privileged Professors: Zhou Yinqiang; Huang Wei; Wei Guoji; Liu Chang;

  Wang Huaiqing

Contact Us

  Address: Office A217, Zhixing Building, HBUE 430205

  Tel: 86-27-81973327 

  Fax: 86-27-81973721

  Contact Person: Hu Bin