Welcome to the School of Information Management!

Welcome to the School of Information Management!


  The School of Information Management offers seven undergraduate majors including Information Management and Information Systems, E-commerce, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering and Digital Media Technology which undertake the whole teaching of computer-oriented classes.

  The School is comprised of more than 1,100 full-time students and 66 full-time teachers including one expert granted Hubei provincial government allowance, one ISO convener, five professors, 25 associate professors, 21 teachers with doctorates and 19 visiting professors or adjunct professors hired from well-known professors and scholars at home and abroad.

  Over the past five years, teachers and professors have conducted or participated in numerous teaching research and programs including six National Natural Science Foundation programs, over 60 provincial teaching and scientific research programs, and one Hubei scientific and technological innovation team project among distinguished youth, and also published nearly 50 monographs (including textbooks) and more than 400 articles in domestic major academic journals.

  Young teachers of the School have been sent to the US, Britain, Canada and other countries for doctorate and other academic endeavors. The School implemented the plan of “World-renowned Scientists Giving Lectures in Hubei” through inviting the Changjiang Scholars and University of Hong Kong professor, Zhou Yinqiang; the City University of Hong Kong professor, Wei Guoji and the vice president Bernard Cheng-Yian Tan from Singapore National University along with other famous scientists to give lectures. In 2012, the School cooperated with Auburn University in the US to carry out an undergraduate education project of Information management and Information Systems that recruited students and completed an enrollment plan in 2013.

  The School built a series of student training bases and internships and employment bases with the USA’s Cisco Company, Taobao Enterprise, Japan ID Group and other prominent IT enterprises at home and abroad. Over the past year years, more than 3,000 excellent undergraduates from our school were sent to and worked for these entities.

(PPT Presentation of the School of Information Management)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:   Jiang Guoyin

    Vice Dean: Gui Chao Dai Zhifeng

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary: Xue Jibao

    Vice Secretary: Xiao Xufeng

Meet Some of Our Staff

  Professors: Lu Xiaocheng; Sun Baolin; Yu Xiaogao; Gui Chao

  Associate Professors(Ph.D): Jiang Guoyin; Dai Zhifeng; Wang Tao; Zhang Qifei;

  Hu Shenghong; Li Yuan; Song Ying

  Privileged Professors: Zhou Yinqiang; Huang Wei; Wei Guoji; Liu Chang;

  Wang Huaiqing

Contact Us

  Address: Office 205, Zhixing Building, HBUE 430205

  Tel: 86-27-81973327 

  Fax: 86-27-81973721

  Contact Person: Hu Bin