Our school held a seminar on the cooperation between teachers and students of Sino-US cooperation

    On the evening of October 21, 2018, the seminar on the cooperation between teachers and students of the China-US Cooperation School for Information Management and Statistics was successfully held in the second lecture hall of the Student Activity Center. Wang Hong, Director of the School of International Exchange and Cooperation, Huang Wei, Teacher of the School of Foreign Languages, Zhu Xiaobo, Associate Dean of the School of Information Management and Statistics, Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Shou Weiwei, and all counselors, class teachers, and 16th, 17th and 18th level Students participated in this event.

    At the beginning of the event, Vice President Zhu Xiaobo introduced the guests and delivered a speech on behalf of the college. Director Wang Hong gave a detailed introduction to the history of the University of Montgomery (AUM) and the history of the city where he was located. culture. She talked about her experience of going abroad to study, expressed her ardent expectations for the students, and hoped that the students would go to AUM to grow their horizons and enrich their experience. Afterwards, Mr. Huang Wei vividly and vividly described his experience in studying abroad, and played a video produced by the 2015 seniors and sisters of Xinhe Professional. They showed the learning and living environment of AUM. Then, the letter professional 13 The seniors and sisters shared their experiences in studying in AUM, and made many suggestions for the university planning of the students present. Finally, Vice President Zhu Xiaobo made a summary of the meeting. He encouraged the students to clear their learning goals and work hard for their goals. .

    After the discussion meeting, the students expressed that they have strengthened their understanding of AUM through this activity, felt the fun of studying and living abroad, and gained a lot, laying a solid foundation for future academic development planning.