Professor Zhu Jianping from Xiamen University was invited to come to our school to give a lecture on "Tibet Dragon Forum"

   On the afternoon of October 9, 2018, Professor Zhu Jianping from the School of Management of Xiamen University was invited to give a lecture entitled “A New Pattern of Big Data Development – Also on Opportunities and Challenges” for our students. The lecture was hosted by Vice President Zhang Zhigang, and representatives of students from our school participated in the event.

    Professor Zhu Jianping first introduced the new pattern of big data development in China. Then he introduced several typical application scenarios of big data analysis with the actual case of Data Mining Center of Xiamen University. Finally, based on the concept of big data, the concept and characteristics of big data were The context, combined with real life cases, introduces the challenges and opportunities of big data in a vivid and interesting language for the students of our college. At the end of the report, our students have had a lively interaction with Professor Zhu Jianping on professional learning. Through this special lecture, our students have a better understanding of the characteristics of the big data era, and also strengthened the confidence in the data analysis profession.

    Zhu Jianping: Professor of Xiamen University School of Management, doctoral tutor, director of Data Mining Research Center of Xiamen University, chief expert of Modern Business Research Center of Zhejiang Gongshang University. The Ministry of Education, the new century outstanding talents, the chief expert of major projects of the National Social Science Fund. Consultant of the Chinese Statistical Association, Secretary General of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Statistics Department of the Ministry of Education, Vice President of the China Business Statistics Association, President of the Data Science and Business Intelligence Branch of the China Business Statistics Association, and Vice President of the Higher Education Branch of the China Statistical Education Society. Vice President of the National Industrial Statistics Teaching Research Association, editorial board of "Statistical Research" and "Statistics Statistics and Management" magazine.