Notice on Organizing Students to Participate in the Ninth National University Student Market Survey and Analysis Competition

In order to promote the innovation investigation and analysis of talent training mode in colleges and universities, accelerate the cultivation of practical ability of college students, strengthen the practical teaching links of statistics, accelerate the transformation of the results of statistical survey data, and better serve the government and the public, thus further promoting the organization Guidance and promotion in education and talent development. The “Zhengda Cup” and “The Ninth National University Student Market Survey and Analysis Contest” co-sponsored by the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Statistics Department of the Ministry of Education and the China Business Statistics Association was officially launched in September 2018. The competition also serves as the "China's regional trials for the 8th Cross-Strait College Students Market Research and Analysis Competition". In order to do a good job in the 9th National University Student Market Survey and Analysis Competition, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, the purpose of the competition

Guide college students' innovation and practice, improve the practical ability of college students' organization, planning, investigation and implementation, data processing and analysis, and cultivate students' sense of social responsibility, service awareness, market acumen and teamwork. Organize the theoretical and practical research in the field of statistics professional teaching, and promote the innovation investigation and analysis talent training mode of colleges and universities. Establish a school-enterprise cooperation platform, establish a training base for production, study and research personnel, and accelerate the transformation of the results of statistical survey data.

Second, the registration object, requirements and methods

(1) Registration target

Undergraduate students in 2015, 2016, 2017 are not limited to professional, and the registration is based on the class.

Deadline for registration: October 30, 2018

(2) Registration requirements

Applicants should be interested in using market research and analysis methods to solve practical problems, have strong knowledge development ability and innovative ability, have good writing ability, have teamwork spirit, and can work hard.

(3) Registration method

This registration is all done online. Attachment 1 details the online registration process and methods, please be sure to read carefully, Hubei Economics College entry code 201810151851377399 (student online registration required). From now until November 5, 2018, please fill out the "China University Student Market Survey and Analysis Competition Registration Form" by class (see Attachment 2. Before submitting the online application registration information form, you must confirm that all participating students' mobile phone numbers are correct. To ensure that the mobile phone can receive the information code when the online test is logged in, so that the online test can be successfully completed and sent to the mailbox:

(4) Competition process

1. Personal online test knowledge game

(1) Contest content and score composition (see Annex 3)

(2) Competition form: individual competition, online exam, 100 minutes. Minimum pass rate: 70% of the actual online test number of participating schools, 60 points and above.

(3) Competition time: from November 20th to December 20th, 2018, during the period from 9:00 to 22:00, candidates can choose 100 minutes to take the online exam; each person can take up to two exams, the highest Calculate test scores. Before December 25, 2018, the test results will be sent to the participating colleges. The participating colleges will announce the results of the competition to the contestants. You can also click on the “View the list of online exams” on the official website of the contest.

(4) Competition simulation questions: Each participant can log in to the official website of China Business Statistics after November 10, 2018, click on the “Ninth Market Research and Analysis Contest” website. Click "Learning World" to download the practice under the analog roll line, or click "Internet Test Platform" to practice online.

2. Team practice

Competition method: a combination of report review and on-site defense, in which the report scores 60% and the on-site response scores 40%.

The first level: the school qualifiers. It is scheduled to be held on March 14, 2019. The players who passed the personal online test teamed up to participate in the school qualifiers. The Organizing Committee of the Market Research and Analysis Competition of the School of Information Management and Statistics of Hubei University of Economics formulated unified competition rules and scoring standards to select the winning team to participate in the Hubei Provincial Divisional Competition.

The second level: Hubei Province Divisional Competition. It is planned to complete the provincial competition at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law before April 30, 2019, and produce provincial-level awards, recommending excellent teams to participate in the national finals.

The third level: the national finals. Before the end of May 2019, the National University of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications completed the national finals of the undergraduate group, resulting in national competition level awards and the first six teams to participate in the eighth cross-strait competition held in Taipei in late August.

The fourth level: the 8th Cross-Strait College Students Market Research and Analysis Competition Finals. In late August 2019, the team that won the cross-strait trials conducted the cross-strait finals and participated in cross-strait academic exchanges and cultural visits.

Fourth, incentives

(1) Players who pass the knowledge contest may voluntarily apply for the relevant professional competence certificate issued by the China Business Statistics Association. 90 points and above players and their schools will be on the official website honor list.

(2) The special prize, first prize and second prize of the pre-selection competition in the school. The school will award honorary certificates to award-winning teams and individuals. The school organizing committee will select the winning team from the school qualifiers to participate in the Hubei Provincial Divisional Competition on behalf of our school.

(3) The winning team in the first prize of the Divisional Competition advances to the national finals, and the other outstanding players have the opportunity to select the third prize of the Ninth National University Student Market Survey and Analysis Competition.

(4) The National Finals, with the special prize, the first prize, the second prize and the honorary prize, and the honorary certificate will be awarded to the team and individuals who won the finals.

(5) The outstanding team that won the national finals will participate in the final match of the Taiwanese team selected by the China Applied Statistics Association (Taiwan) in late September 2019 to set the championship, runner-up and third place in the finals of the two sides.

V. Contact information

Hubei University of Economics, the ninth market research contest exchange group: 881065244

Contact: Teacher Lu QQ: 6566738920; Teacher Li QQ: 1161135717;

Teacher Zeng QQ: 149924456; Teacher Wang QQ: 42177994