Information Management and Information System (Sino-US Class) 2018 Foreign Study Students' Graduation Thesis Arrangement

In order to strengthen the management of graduation thesis work, the 2018 graduate papers defense work will be done. According to the relevant spirit of the school's Academic Affairs Office, combined with the actual situation of our school, the work arrangements for the graduation thesis of Xinhe Q1441 and Xinhe Q1442 (outside students) are as follows:

1. Paper submission: Before May 13th, all graduates must finalize the paper, paying attention to the paper according to the “Graduation Thesis Specification and Template”. Students will submit the thesis (design) to the instructor, and the instructor will need to carefully review and write the comments and submit them to the defense team.

2, the timetable for reply: May 19, 2018, 8:00 am - 11:00 am

3. The reply grouping situation

 There were 19 students in this defense, and the first teacher in each group was the leader of the defense team.

4. Graduation thesis defense procedure

The thesis defense was conducted in the form of a video response.

(1) The leader of the responding team announces the composition of the responding team and introduces the reply process;

(2) The main content of the student's presentation of the paper;

(3) Questioning by members of the reply team;

(4) Students answer questions;

(5) The responding group will conduct a review to assess the overall score of the paper.

The specific process is subject to the arrangement of the responding team.

The first game, May 19, 2018, 8:00-11:00

Member of the defense team: Zhu Xiaobo (team leader) Li Jinyang Peng Ruiqing

Venue: Zhixing Building Meeting Room B-235

Respondent students: Chen Can, Feng Yunqi, Liu De, Lu Chaoying, Peng Shijie, Xiong Wenqi, Sun Yi, Su Yuqi, Xia Fan, Wang Longju, Zhou Kangwen, Li Yusheng, Zhang Yifei, Yang Fan, Gong Zheng, Zhou Jin, Zhang Aowei, Zhang Wuchuan, Tu Liangqu