Notice on Participation in the 2018 Teddy Cup Data Mining Challenge

In order to promote the practice teaching of data mining in colleges and universities in China, cultivate the application and innovation ability of students' data mining, increase the exchange and cooperation between schools and enterprises, and improve the teaching quality and competitiveness of Chinese universities. The 6th "Teddy Cup" data mining The challenge will be held in April 2018. The competition was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Teddy Cup Data Mining Challenge, organized by Guangzhou Teddy Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and co-organized by the Guangdong Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. According to the spirit of the organizing committee, the school decided to form a team to participate in the 2018 Teddy Cup. Data Mining Challenge. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, the content of the competition and the way of competition

1. The Teddy Cup Data Mining Challenge is an open competition for all college students in the national colleges and universities. Participants register themselves on the Digital Rui website (, each team. No more than 3 people (must belong to the same school), no specialties, undergraduate or postgraduate, all grades and majors can register. The instructor must be from the same school as the team and can guide the competition throughout the competition.

2. Team members can use any type of computer, math software and book materials to browse the Internet, but not with anyone outside the team (including online).

3. The Organizing Committee provides the following ways for participants to communicate:

(1) The “Teddy Cup” exchange section of the Digital Forum website ( is used for the release of contest related information and exchange of questions.

(2) 2018 Teddy Cup Data Mining Challenge Competition Group (group number: 2018 Teddy Cup exchange 1:391938422, 2018 Teddy Cup exchange 2: 188789557, 2018 Teddy Cup exchange 3: 695172495, 2018 Teddy Cup exchange 4:283840129), please select a group to join, repeat to join not accepted. After adding the group, please click “Unit-Name” to modify the group card, such as “South China Normal University-Li Jianbo”. If you have any questions, please consult the group instructor. 2) WeChat public number (Teddy Big Data Mining). Join the Forum/QQ Group/WeChat public account to get the latest challenge information and Q&A resources as soon as possible.

Second, registration and selection methods

1. Application conditions: Students who are interested in data mining, graduate students, undergraduate and specialist students can apply.

2. School registration time: March 10th to March 18th.

3. Registration method: Each class will register in the class committee of the class (if it is a cross-border inter-department team, the team leader sends the information to the mailbox), the study committee will send the class list to the mailbox before March 18: 1161135717@qq. Com, and plus group: Lake Teddy Cup competition group 493037937).

Third, the competition schedule

The competition schedule is as follows:

▶On-campus registration time: March 10th - March 23rd

▶ Opening time: March 1 (release of the title and part of the sample data)

▶Contest time: April 1st - April 14th (announced all data)

▶ Time for submitting papers: April 14 (before 23:59:59)

▶ Time for submitting test results: April 15 (before 12:00:00)

▶ Submit attachment time: April 15-18 (before 23:59:59)

▶Video response time: May 26

▶ Results announcement: June 1st - June 7th

▶ Awarding time: 7 or 8 in 2018 (specific date is expected)

The competition will be freely taught by the School of Information Management and Statistics. The specific training time and location will be announced around March 23. Please pay attention to the Information Management and Statistics Institute website and QQ group notifications.

Fourth, organizational leadership

The school established the Teddy Cup Data Mining Challenge Competition Organizing Committee and the coaching staff. The competition was hosted by the Academic Affairs Office of the Hubei University of Economics and the School of Information Management and Statistics. The Department of Statistics, the Department of Applied Mathematics, and the Department of Data Science and Engineering were specifically undertaken.

Member of the coaching team of the "Teddy Cup" Data Mining Challenge Competition of Hubei University of Economics:

Coaches: Wang Lei, Lei Junli, Wang Yubao, Zhang Yaofeng, Li Qian, Ye Tifang, Li Minglei, etc.

School of Information Management and Statistics

      March 2018