School of Information Management and Statistics holds the preparatory group meeting of the Shanghai Alumni Association

    On December 8th, under the leadership of Zhang Zhigang, deputy dean of the college, Wang Lei, deputy director of the Department of Statistics, and four deputy directors, Yang Lanling and Xia Lun, held a symposium with representatives of some graduates in Shanghai, and started the establishment of the Shanghai Branch of the Alumni Association. In-depth discussion and communication.

    Dean Zhang welcomed the students who came to the preparatory group meeting of the Shanghai Alumni Association, and also conveyed the ardent care of the alumni of the college leaders. He also hoped that the alumni could contribute to the future development of the college. At the symposium, the alumni introduced their current work and study status and put forward their own opinions and suggestions on the development of the college. Wu Yan, who is currently a graduate student at Shanghai Jiaotong University (signed Weilai Auto), and Yang Yanping, who is studying at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (who signed a hungry), introduced the experience of their respective universities in terms of personnel training and emphasized the importance of the internship. The Jinmei alumni who worked in today's headlines believe that the current demand for data analysts in the Shanghai market is very large. It is recommended that the colleges provide more statistical modeling and data analysis courses to lay a solid foundation for the employment of schoolmates; Yu Bin of the company's work believes that data technology is very important. It is recommended that the younger brothers and sisters study advanced statistical methods and master a software. Liu Qing alumni who obtained a master's degree in statistics in the United States and engaged in data analysis in Washington introduced foreign countries. The situation of studying life and work, I hope that more graduates in our school can study abroad for further study and work.

    Director Wang Lei expressed his gratitude to the alumni for their valuable opinions. He wished all alumni to achieve greater achievements in their work and study. He also hoped that all alumni would continue to pay attention to the development of their alma mater and make their own contribution to the growth of the school and the college.