Our school held a meeting of the AUM delegation and the 2018 freshmen of the Sino-US cooperation project

    On the afternoon of December 7, 2018, the AUM (Montgomery Auburn University) delegation and the letter of the 18th level freshman meeting and the 16th level pre-admission notice were issued in the Daliu Sanbao. The attendees at the meeting included Vice President He Huigang, Special Advisor of AUM Principal and Dean of Confucius Institute Shanta Goswami Varma, Chinese Dean of AUM Confucius Institute Huang Wei, Director of International Exchange Department Wang Hong, Deputy Director Zhang Lijun and Peace Art Teacher. Associate Dean of the School of Information Management and Statistics, Zhu Xiaobo, Peng Ruiqing, Wang Donghong and Liu Jie, all students of Level 18 and 16 and 17 students.

    First of all, Zhu Xiaobo introduced the guests and participated in the meeting, and organized the freshmen of the whole audience to take photos with the guests.

    Secondly, AUM Principal Special Adviser and Dean of Confucius Institute Shanta Goswami VarmaShanta Goswami Varma gave a speech, introduced the advantages of AUM and expressed his sincere welcome to freshmen and preparations for juniors to study in the US.

    Then, in the student questioning session, many students in the field actively raised their hands and spoke to the AUM representative about issues related to studying abroad, such as school meals, dormitory environment, hardware facilities, tuition and academic conditions, employment prospects, and foreign countries. Postgraduate studies and so on.

    Finally, the AUM delegation presented the AUM pre-admission notice to the letter 16 students and took a group photo.

    Through this activity, the students not only strengthened the communication between our school and AUM, but also deepened the understanding of the students of the letter and the professional, especially helping the lower grade students to clear the direction and goals of the future efforts. Finally, I wish the juniors to study abroad. The student of the letter is successful in AUM!