Information Management and System (Sino-US Cooperation Class) Student Union successfully held a book sharing conference

    In order to cultivate good reading habits for students to read books, study hard, read books, and read books, let each student get close to books and broaden their horizons at any time, and develop a good habit of loving books and reading books. 2018 On the afternoon of the 3rd, the Student Union of Information Management and Statistics successfully held a book sharing conference.

    This event combines the characteristics of Sino-US cooperative education projects, with English classics as the entry point, combined with information management and information system expertise, to provide students with English classics, English grammar, oral communication, data mining and data analysis, office must Prepare and exchange closely related books such as skills. After reading an English classic or a professional-related book, you will write a learning experience and share it with more students. In order to play the vanguard and exemplary role of the class committee, the class members of the 8 classes of Xinhe Professional took the lead in guiding everyone to read the good books, constantly improving the overall quality of the students, and laying a solid foundation for studying abroad in the later period.

    The development of the book sharing conference not only enriched the extracurricular time of the students, enhanced the class reading atmosphere, and truly played the role of extracurricular reading, but also enhanced the students' interest in learning, and played an active role in guiding the teachers and students of the school.