Winter is cold, students are warm

  The learning department of our school organized the 4th and 6th simulated exams on December 1st and 8th respectively.

   The cold wind in the winter did not dispel the enthusiasm of the students to seek knowledge, and showed the hard learning style of my students in the college. In order to let the students of Xintong learn more about the 4th and 6th grade examination process, in order to plan the later learning direction and better check the upcoming 4-6 exams, the learning department of our school will hold this activity. At the same time, various factors have been fully considered. As the freshman freshmen have a sand table course on the weekend, they are postponed to the next week, and the new ones are divided into freshmen and non-large organizations. At the same time, the test results are published anonymously, which fully protects the privacy of candidates.

   At 8 o'clock in the morning, the candidates entered the examination room one after another. At 9 o'clock, with the sound of the test ringtones, I was treated by the students in the college with a high and serious attitude. The examination was good during the examination. On Saturday's rest day, my school students showed their academic style and established a good image with their practical attitude. What is more worth mentioning is that the freshmen of our school took the six-level simulation test with extremely high thermal information, and insisted on the final, showing the enthusiasm and hard work of the freshmen seeking knowledge. At the same time, the sophomores and juniors of the sophomores also set a good example for the freshmen, showing the consistently good academic style of the scholastics, and playing a role in the study after the freshman.

   This simulation test fully reflects the style of study that our students are seeking and knowing, so let us work together to pass on. At the same time, I also thank the Ministry of Learning for the quiet efforts behind it.