Information Management and Information System Professional Outstanding Graduate Experience Sharing Conference was successfully held

   At 18:00 on November 25th, 2018, the “Experience Sharing Meeting for Excellent Graduates of the Department of Information Management” organized by the Faculty of Letters and Management of the School of Information Technology and the Second Branch of the Students was successfully held in the Auditorium No. 5 of the Student Activity Center. Participating in the event were the head of the Department of Management Information System of our hospital, the teacher of the advanced class teacher Peng Ruiqing, the teacher of the Party branch of the student, Wang Danfeng, the representative of the 14th-level professional management graduates, the students of the party branch and the management of the 16th, 17th and 18th grades. All the classmates.

    The sharing session was held as scheduled by the students. The director of the Department of Management Information Systems, Mr. Peng Ruiqing, gave a speech for the event. Teacher Peng pointed out: "The students who have just entered the university should do additions and participate in various activities. Enrich yourself, make better choices in college life, set goals, and give yourself a perfect university for four years.” Mr. Peng’s speech is full of eager expectations for students, and he hopes that professional students will be in each of the universities. There are plans in the stage to be a thoughtful person.

    The main body of the sharing session is divided into three sections: employment experience, postgraduate experience, and examination of civil servants (selective students, institutions). Among them, in the sharing of employment experience, Wu Lei and Zhu Yuhua’s sisters not only described the mentality of their job hunting, the life after work, and the working status, but also analyzed the industry distribution and job hunting of the Q1441 class. We must learn to be flexible and flexible in dealing with the bumps in the job search. In the experience sharing of postgraduate entrance examinations, Zhang Xueyan’s school sister and Tong Qingyun’s academics have demonstrated in five aspects: motivation, choice, persistence, state adjustment, and graduate life. They not only recommended more practical preparation books for us, but also shared the attention of the postgraduate study. The main points are also about the feelings of their postgraduate study. I hope that we can lay a solid foundation in the university stage and study hard. In the experience sharing of civil servants (selective students, institutions), Liu Die and Shao Yutian’s sisters actively interacted with each other. They not only introduced their own personal feelings at the grassroots level, but also selected the modules to explain the ups and downs in the work. Experience, we must stabilize our mindset and face optimism.

    In the interactive Q&A session, the three groups of guests answered questions based on a series of questions raised by the students. They had experience and guidance, as well as advice and suggestions. As a guest of the audience, Chakai’s seniors also temporarily programmed for the students who had doubts. The introduction of the work, the whole link is not only interactive, but also relaxed and happy, lighting up a bright light for the classmates in the stagnation period.

    After nearly two hours of sharing, the activity is nearing completion. Teacher Wang said in the summary: "Employment, postgraduate examination, examination of civil servants (selection of students, institutions) are three different choices, no distinction between good and bad, The road leads to Rome. Everyone has to choose the road that suits them. They don’t follow the trend, don’t get together, rational choice, reasonable planning, and play a prepared battle.” This event pointed out the direction for us in the confusion at the crucial moment. Increased the sense of urgency of juniors, urged everyone to prepare early, and also made students in freshman and sophomores aware of the importance of learning. After the event, everyone said that such activities are of great significance and will be of great help to everyone's study and future planning. I hope that the college will carry out more such activities.