2019 Graduate Employment / Progression Mobilization Conference

On the morning of October 10th, the Second Reporting Hall of the College Student Activity Center held the 2019 Graduate Employment/Study Mobilization Conference of the School of Information Management and Statistics. Dean Liu Xingjun, deputy secretary of the party committee, Shang Shouwei, counselor Zhang Yong, and 2019 graduates attended the conference. Counselor Zhang Yong presided over the meeting.

   The agenda of the conference consists of two requirements for the work requirements of graduates and related precautions and leadership mobilization speeches. Counselor Zhang Yong reminded the students to prepare as early as possible for employment/progress related matters, graduation thesis, graduation internship, school leaving procedures and other precautions to avoid delays in class and students leaving school.

   Dean Liu Xingjun reminded the students to do the completion of credits, graduation internships, graduation thesis and postgraduate examinations. I hope that the students can cherish the time and do not have the misconception of "high school, happy university". He said that the hospital will improve the review criteria of the paper, and the repetition rate will increase from 20% to 15%, reminding students not only to complete the graduation thesis in time but also to improve the quality. For the postgraduate study, you should be tempted and refused to fight for World War II.

Deputy Party Secretary Shang Shouwei expressed his guidance and expectations to the students through three “meanings”. “October” means the golden period of employment and firm belief in the postgraduate entrance examination; “Birth” means a clear period of self-determination and self-care preparation for the future direction; “graduation” means an important period of university quality change and social progress. "The homonym of 2019 is to love you." He hopes that the students can take the time to cherish the time at school. I hope that next June will be able to gather together to open the first ceremony to enter the society - graduation ceremony.

The on-site leaders and teachers wished that the students on the scene would have a bright future and the future could be expected.