Our school held a 2015 meeting of parents of Sino-US cooperation projects

    On the afternoon of March 4, 2018, the parent meeting of the 2015 China-US cooperation project was held at A118, Zhixing Building. Zhu Xiaobo, deputy dean of the School of Information Management and Statistics, Hubei University of Economics, and Wang Donghong attended the meeting. More than 30 parents attended the event. The meeting will aim to explain the post-study arrangements for students of the 15th China-US cooperation project, so that parents can have a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of the Montgomery Auburn (AUM) study abroad program and do well before going abroad. Preparation for the project.

   First of all, the deputy director of the project, Zhu Xiaobo, who is in charge of the project, introduced the background of the project. Based on his understanding of the current situation of students abroad and his own relevant experience, he suggested that if you have studied abroad during the undergraduate course, you will get abroad. The school's degree certificate is an obvious plus for the later application for foreign graduate students. Then he talked about the advantages of choosing the project, and explained how the students of the project can carry out degree certification after completing their studies abroad and combine their own understanding of further study abroad to give parents some advice. Vice President Zhu Xiaobo explained the study arrangements and plans for the students who went abroad or did not go abroad. Later, Mr. Wang Donghong introduced the preparations made by the students before going abroad and sincerely thanked the parents for their presence. The whole meeting will be completed successfully.