Welcome to the School of Law!


  The School of Law was founded in 2004 as the predecessor to the Law  Department of Hubei University of Economics. In 2012, with the social  work major fully absorbed, the Law School was completed, and in the same  year, the Law School has been recognized as a Hubei key cultivating  subject. It has two undergraduate majors, law and social work. The  School also trains postgraduates in economic law with the Law School of  Hubei University.

   It has 26 full-time teachers including five  professors, 13 associate professors, 16 teachers with doctorate, 24  teachers with masters’ degrees or above and 11 teachers obtaining lawyer  certification, which accounts for 97% of the entire faculty. Their  academic leader is Professor Lv Zhongmei, the prominent jurist of  environmental resources and the President of Hubei University of  Economics.

   The School currently has more than 400 students majoring in law  and 130 students majoring in social work. It has four departments  including Basic Law, Economic Law, Sociology and Practicing Work. It  also established a local law research center and construction base of  law in the Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court and other 18 legal  jurisdictions.

   Teachers in the School have presided over or participated in seven  national social science projects and over 30 provincial and ministerial  subjects, published over 300 papers and over 15 monographs, among  which, four scientific research achievements received provincial awards.

(PPT Presentation of the School of Law)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:   Li Zhenhua

    Vice Dean: Zhang Gong; Zhang Yan; Wang Haixia

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary: Li Jingshan

Meet Some of Our Staff

  Professors: Lv Zhongmei、Li Zhenhua、Zhang Gong、Chen Xianlin、Qiu Qiu、Li Jieli

  Associate Professors(Ph.D): Wang Haixia、Yuan Miaoyu、Ji Lei、Li Hua、Zhang Xiaojing

Contact Us

  Address: Office 109, Arts and Humanities Building, HBUE 430205



  Contact Person: Huang Yi

  Email: 334650527@qq.com