The Party branch of law school students learning nineteen report theme party day activities

Release time: 2017-11-09  Source: Law School  The Internet news (correspondent Wu Yi) at twelve noon on November 9th

  The law school student Party branch of all Party members and activists jointly launched the October theme party day activities, the theme is to study the nineteen report. We had a lively discussion on the nineteen major contents of the report.

  The discussion is divided into two stages, the first stage of group discussion, each of the 8 people on the nineteen report of the spirit introduced their own ideas, second stages of each group to elect a representative summary. The first speaker is Lee Marvin classmate.He mainly expounded some emphases in 19th CPC National Congress report, mentioned the change of main contradiction at present in our country, and the strategic arrangement of the next two stages in the report.Then Wang Chieh students focuses on the report of the precise poverty related content, the anti-corruption, the Yellow River water clear, human fate also put forward their own views, think the country truly focuses on the implementation of policies, rather than in the end we will reform, as summarized in the road.Some students mentioned establishing and perfecting the rural student aid system, and mentioned that they are one of the beneficiaries of the system. The implementation of these policies made people really feel the happiness of life and the strength of the country.The final classmate Mou Minhui proposed the present stage of our country main contradiction change represents the people of our country from the material level into spiritual needs, nineteen big reports put forward new requirements for the beauty of the future of China's future orientation, also from the national policy of primary importance, how to encourage party members the grassroots do contribution to the society, the real play party from the masses, to the masses spirit.

  Through the discussion, we have a more in-depth understanding of the nineteen report of the spirit of their own learning and life have many inspirations on how to become a qualified party members also have further understanding of Party members should not only learn the spirit of nineteen, but in learning and life practice the spirit of the nineteen.