The Announcement Concerning Law School Gives Play to the Role of Party Members and Helps Targeted Poverty Alleviation

All Party branches :

  October 17 is the World Poverty Alleviation Day, in order to guide the staff to pay attention to the problem of poverty, to publicize and promote the work of eliminating poverty and to participate in the work of poverty alleviation, on 11 October, the principal's office decided to carry out poverty alleviation activities among all teachers and students before the World Poverty Alleviation Day,the Taiping Town, Hefeng County, which form a cooperative association with our school, implement targeted poverty relief. It also decided that the staff and workers' poverty alleviation fund should be organized by the trade union organizations, and that the students' contributions to the poverty alleviation should be organized by department of science and engineering.

  In the afternoon of this Thursday ( October 13 ), the Faculty of Law organized the staff of the whole college ( including the staff of the school ) to carry out poverty alleviation activities. 50 yuan per person to raise money as a starting point, to donate more than limit. It is required that all party branches attach great importance to the work, strengthen the appropriate communication, and promote the school's targeted counterpart poverty alleviation work, taking this activity as an opportunity and combine the  Two Studies and One Do  study and education activities to carry out the activities about Party Flag Pilot, Targeted Poverty Alleviation and give full play to the role of branch fortress and Party members.

  Notice is hereby given.


The Party committee of the law school