Experience-Sharing Forum for Teachers studied abroad was successfully held


On the afternoon of May 16, the International Exchange and Cooperation Department held an experience-sharing forum for teachers visiting foreign countries. He Huigang, Vice President, and representatives of teachers from various colleges who have studied abroad for about three years or have the intention or plan of visiting abroad participated in this experience-sharing forum.


Peng Yun (from the School of Finance), Deng Qing (from the School of Accountancy), Zheng Shigang (from the School of Economics and Trade and Yang Yanan ( from the School of Finance and Public Administration) shared their experiences and gains from their visits abroad. Their diligent spirit and practical courage abroad left a deep impression on the rest of the faculties. The new cognition, new teaching and research methods and teacher-student interaction mode they learnt from abroad also brought beneficial inspiration and insights to the forum.


Vice President He Huigang gave a high praise to this experience-sharing forum and thanked the four teachers for their excellent report. He pointed out that internationalization of colleges and universities is an irreversible trend in the development of higher education. Schools will build various platforms to support teachers' overseas exchanges. At the same time, he raised several hopes for the teachers present: first, to raise awareness, international research and teachers are in need for high-level development of schools, core competitiveness, and personal career development; second, to do a good job in personal development planning, enhance self-confidence and personal ability; third, to increase publicity efforts and use various forms to experience more. Share more, so that more teachers can benefit; Fourth, to broaden the channels of communication, and constantly open up to new exchange projects; Fifth, to strengthen the linkages between the various departments of the schools.


The experience-sharing forum received a warm response from the teachers present, who have gained a deeper understanding of the advanced foreign teaching concepts and scientific research methods, and also thought ahead of time about how to effectively improve teaching and scientific research ability and achieve more fruits in their overseas time in the future.