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1. Bachelor Degree Program

Major: International Economics and Trade (In English)

This program aims to equip the students with the basic knowledge and skills of international trade and business, students need to learn Chinese and Chinese culture, the existing status of the international market, the current rules and practices of international trade, China's foreign trade policies and regulations as well as the social and economic circumstance throughout the world. After graduation, students can work at international trade departments and international companies.

Major core courses include Economics, International Economics, Management, International Trade, International Business, International Business Law, Investment, Monetary Finance, and International Business Practice, etc.

The duration of study is 4 years.


2.  Bachelor Degree Program

Major: Computer Science and Technology (In English)

This program aims to emphasize the holistic development of students, cultivating individuals with strong moral character, scientific and humanistic literacy, a sense of responsibility, and professional ethics. They will master the basic theories, skills of computer hardware and software systematically, and have strong practical ability to design, develop, maintain and manage computer application systems and embedded software.

Major core courses include Advanced Language Programming, Data Structure, Computer Organization and Architecture, Computer Networks, Database Principles and Applications, Digital Electronic Technology, Operating Systems, Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology, Comprehensive Chinese.

The duration of study is 4 years.

3.  Bachelor Degree Program

Major: E-commerce (In English)

This program aims to cultivate international students with a global perspective and practical mindset. Students need to learn Chinese and Chinese culture, to gain insights into China's socio-economic landscape, as well as its trade relations with African countries. Students should master basic theories and specialized knowledge in economic management, with expertise in e-commerce operations, especially in cross-border practices. Students need to develop an international perspective, innovative thinking, and an understanding of current rules, laws and practices of international trade. After graduation, students can become applied senior talents in e-commerce operations and management, qualified for practical roles in cross-border e-commerce within enterprises, including cross-border e-commerce platforms, electronic commerce departments, and relevant government agencies.

Major core courses include Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade Practices, International Business Law, Cross-border E-Commerce Operations and Management, Cross-border E-Commerce Live-streaming, Research on Overseas Warehouses in Cross-border E-Commerce, Comprehensive Chinese.

The duration of study is 4 years.


Enrollment of 2024-2025-1 is 40 students most.