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1. Fees of Recruiting International Students of HBUE


Application Fee:¥500/ person/ time

Commercial Insurance:¥300 /person/year

Tuition Fee


16,000/Person for Each Academic   Year

Other Fees

Textbook Fee

500 (just for the first academic   year) students should buy the specifies textbooks on one’s own for the rest   academic years.


2,640/person/year (Double room)



0-225. (It   depends on whether you have the standard physical examination form or not.)

Residence Permit

400 (for over half a year but   less than one year)


Other fees like electricity, water, etc. should be paid   on one’s own.


1. All fees are in RMB.

2. About medical insurance: All international students must purchase insurance that covers their study period in China. Students will pay the insurance fee to the insurance company when they register at the university. If students do not purchase medical insurance within the specified time, the university will not register them in principle.



2. Scholarship for International Students

Types of Scholarships

Amount of scholarships for different levels

International Students Corporate   Scholarship of  HBUE

10,000/Person for Each Academic   Year

International Students Friendship   Scholarship of  HBUE


500 / Person for Each Academic Year


International Students   Scholarship of  HBUE

First Level: 5,000/Person/Year

Second Level: 3,000 /Person/Year

Third Level: 1,000/Person/Year

International Students Graduates   Special Scholarship of  HBUE

5,000 for graduates each year



1. The scholarships are evaluated and awarded in October every year.

2. All the above scholarships are evaluated following the Regulations on the Evaluation of Scholarships for International Students from Hubei University of Economics and the Implementation Rules of Enterprise Scholarships.

International Students Scholarship of HBUE is available only for the first three years.