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Engineering discipline of HUBE has entered the top 1% in the global ESI ranking


The Essential Science Indicators (ESI) university ranking data has been released, HBUE's engineering discipline has entered the top 1% in the global ESI ranking. This is the first discipline in HUBE to enter the global top 1% ranking in ESI, achieving a new breakthrough in high-level discipline construction.

A total of 8,409 research institutions have been listed globally, and 418 Chinese mainland universities have disciplines that have entered the top 1% globally. Among them, nine new universities have been added, and none have been removed. The new universities are Southwest Minzu University, Shanghai New York University, Jiangsu Ocean University, Ningbo University of Technology, Tianjin University-National University of Singapore Fuzhou Joint College, Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Hunan Institute of Engineering, Hubei University of Economics, and Shandong University of Technology.

ESI is a basic analytical evaluation tool used to measure scientific research performance and track trends in scientific development. It is based on more than 10 million citation records from over 12,000 academic journals worldwide, indexed in Web of Science (SCIE/SSCI). ESI is currently used as an evaluation tool for universities, academic institutions, and countries/regions to assess their international academic levels and influence, and as a reference for assessing the development of different academic disciplines.