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Three majors audited by UNWTO Tourism Education Quality Certification expert


From November 2 to 4, Edith Szivas, an expert of UNWTO TedQual, conducted an online audit on the quality certification of tourism education for HBUE three undergraduate majors: Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Conference/Exhibition Economy &Management.

On November 2, Vice President Dr. Fu Hong attended the online certification review section. Dr.Fu Hong, on behalf of the universality, welcomed theexperts and pointed out that 3 majors are the characteristic majors of HBUE 's management science. In recent years, he has continuously strengthened the university running concept of "student-centered, teacher focused", adhered to the sustainable development and ethics of paying attention to the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, and devoted himself to training students' professional knowledge in teaching and scientific research to meet the needs of future career development Excellent achievements have been made in professional quality, innovation awareness and self-development ability. The university strongly supports the three majors to carry out international certification, and strives to apply the certification concept of "student-centered, output oriented, and continuous improvement" to all aspects of the training of tourism management professionals. With the mission of cultivating senior management talents in the tourism, hoteland exhibition industries who integrate the wisdom of Chinese and Western cultures, the university continuously improves the quality and level of education and teaching.

UNWTO TedQual, founded in 1998, is the only quality certification of tourism education, training and research projects with international standards issued by UNWTO. Schools that have passed the professional certification can not only become authorized partners of the World Tourism Organization for education quality, but also carry out international exchanges and cooperation in education, scientific research and other aspects with other overseas institutions that have passed the certification. This certification is also an important part of the construction of a national first-class undergraduate major in tourism management in our university.