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Facts & Figures

At HBUE teaching and research are carried out at the highest level. The University participates in regional, national and international collaboration, in debate and in social change. About 16,000 students and 1,490 members of staff within the humanities, law, science, social sciences and teacher training come together in a space where open minds meet and thrive.

Number of registered students:

16538 individuals

  • 549 graduates

  • 15958 undergraduates

  • 31 international students

Numbers of:

Provincial Key Disciplines: 17

Graduate Specialties: 1

Undergraduate Specialties: 57

Total number of faculties and staff: 1559

Number of full-time faculties: 1038

  • Professors(including staff with senior title): 140 

  • Associate Professors(including staff with associate senior title): 410

  • Master Advisors: 158


Fixed assets: RMB 1.87 billion


  • Campus Area: 1.06 million square meters

  • Building Area: 0.67 million square meters

  • Library Area: 48505 square meters

  • Computers in Teaching: 9334

(Last updated: Sep. 2021; Source: President's Office)