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Language service international talent training in the new era forum held in our university


From November 15 to 16, Language service international talent training in the new era forum and the founding conference of school enterprise cooperation alliance were held in our university. More than 120 experts and scholars, business circles and publishing circles from more than 10 provinces such as Hubei, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong attended the conference.


At the opening ceremony, president Dong Shijie delivered a speech, congratulated on the opening of the forum and the establishment of the school enterprise cooperation alliance, and thanked the experts and entrepreneurs present for their support. Liu Junping, President of Hubei Translation Association and Liu Chengfu, President of Jiangsu translation association respectively delivered speeches on behalf of the two provincial translation associations.


The the Belt and Road language service internationalization talent training school enterprise cooperation alliance was established at the conference. Dong Shijie and Zhong Weihe, executive vice president of China Translation Association, jointly unveiled the brand.


The alliance aims to thoroughly carry out the spirit of the national education conference, strengthen the collaborative innovation of government, production, learning, research and application in the whole process of language service personnel training, and promote the wide range, full range of production and teaching integration and school enterprise cooperation between the domestic universities and the language service industry in the new era, train international talents and serve the  the Belt and Road .


The conference is under the guidance of Hubei Translators Association and Jiangsu Translators Association and hosted by Hubei University of economics. The alliance was founded by the school of international education of Yangtze University, Shanghai Ruike Translation Co., Ltd. and the school of foreign languages of Hubei University of economics, with 56 members in the first group.


With the theme of school enterprise alliance, development and inclusiveness, co construction and sharing, and collaborative innovation, the meeting held in-depth and fruitful discussions on promoting the in-depth integration of industry and education and school enterprise cooperation among the members of the alliance, and reached a broad consensus. Under the current background of economic globalization and education internationalization, the founders believe that, while respecting their own development needs, they should strengthen extensive exchanges and in-depth cooperation between universities and the language service industry, focus on the strategic theme of international talent training of language service, improve the quality of university running, enhance the international competitiveness of domestic language service enterprises, and serve the national economy It is of great significance to promote the development of the  the Belt and Road  initiative with the high quality development of the society. The conference discussed the articles of association of the school enterprise cooperation of the  the Belt and Road  language service talent training, and the founders jointly expressed cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, regular meetings, close ties, complementary advantages and common development, and joined forces to build the platform.