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Environmental Economics Research selected as one of the best academic journals with international influence in China


On December 5, CNKI Evaluation Center released the list of Chinese Most Internationally Influential Academic Journals (TOP 5%) and Chinese Outstanding Academic Journals with International Influence (TOP 5-10%) in 2022. The Environmental Economic Research was selected into Chinese Excellent Academic Journals with International Influence (Humanities and Social Sciences) and ranked 58th among the 80 selected academic journals of humanities and social sciences, of which the CI value of international influence index was 28.959 and the impact factor of international other citations was 0.324.

It is reported that CNKI and Tsinghua University Library have jointly developed the International Citation Annual Report of Chinese Academic Journals for 11 consecutive years. The statistical sources used in the international annual report include international journals, conference papers, books, etc. Among them, there are 23438 international statistical source journals, covering 21879 journals included in WoS, and 1559 additional international journals. This objectively reflects the discourse of Chinese academic journals in the field of international academic research. Through years of statistics and selection, the international annual report and the top journal brands with international influence have been widely recognized by the periodical industry and scientific research management departments, and have played an active and important role in helping Chinese journals to move to the international stage, establish international academic brands and cultural self-confidence.