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The first overseas learning exchange and experience sharing competition of our university was successfully held


At 18:00 p.m. on December 12, our university's first exchange and experience sharing competition of famous overseas universities, which was held by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and the Oriental International Education Center, was held in the lecture hall 3 of the university student activity center. More than 200 students from the schools of finance, accounting and law participated in the event.


First of all, the teacher in charge of the project introduced the basic situation of the short-term exchange project of summer and winter vacation and the exchange project of the middle term in our university.


The six students are from finance, accounting, law and other majors. They all went to London School of economics, Cornell University, Santa Barbara University and other world-famous universities for short-term study or mid-term exchange in summer or September this year. They used PPT to tell the students what they saw, heard and thought from different perspectives, and launched the daily study and life of foreign college students and the students' animation volumes with different characteristics and cultures in different countries and regions.


The holding of this activity vigorously promoted the undergraduate international exchange program, so that more students can participate in the regular and high-quality projects, enriched the way of education and teaching, and effectively promoted the internationalization of talent training mode in our university.