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The 14th Sports Meeting was held


      On the afternoon of Oct. 26, 2017, Hubei University of Economics held the 14th Sports Meeting in the athletic field on the west of its campus. Wen Xingsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, declared the Sports Meeting open. The leadership present at the opening ceremony includes Mei Hua, Liu Dahong, Wu Xianfu, He Huigang, Chen Xiangjun and Zhang Yilin. The event was inaugurated with the welcome speech delivered by He Huigang, vice president and director of Commission for Physical Culture and Sports of the university. 

      Both Zhong Hang, athlete representative and Wang Qian, judge representative vowed to respect the competitive spirit and obey the competitive rules. 

      The national flag guard team, honor guard team and athletes from each school paraded into the field. Besides, the international students from School of International Education joined the parade for the first time, who waved Chinese flag and their own national flags and exclaimed “Learn Chinese well”. Finally, the opening ceremony reached its climax as Latin dance, Tai Chi, Martial arts, and sports dance were performed. 

     After the opening ceremony was over, the launching ceremony for on-campus healthy running was held. For the following three-day competition, 508 faculty and staff and 1015 students would participate in the sports events including 100-meter race, high jump, shot put and tug of war, etc.