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Students Won Third Prize at the 15th Challenge Cup


The 15th Challenge Cup Chinese Bank National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition came to a close in Shanghai University on November 18th. The work of Cai Peiyao, Zheng Jiahui, Zhang Ziwei and Xiao Ran from our school of finance, Analysis of Factors Influencing the Development of Inclusive Financial in Rural Areas from the Perspective of Internet Finance - Based on the Field Survey of Hubei and Hainan, won the third prize (Instructor: Li Zhengwang). Wang Zihe, Yi Yingda and Wei Wenyu’s work The Research on the Trend of Industrial Transfer in China Based on the One Belt, One Road Strategy, won the third prize of “One Belt, One Road” International Special Competition (Instructor: Li Min). This is the second time that students in our college have received national awards from the Challenge Cup.

The competition was sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, CAST, Ministry of Education, CASS, the National Association of Students, and Shanghai Municipal Government. Since the start of the competition, there have been more than 2,000 colleges and universities involved and more than 2 million college students participated in the project, with about 600,000 participating projects. After the preliminary evaluation on the internet in the early stage, the centralized re-evaluation and the final examination, 39 top prizes, 102 first prizes, 315 second prizes and 773 third prizes were finally awarded.