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The 7th International Symposium on market oriented green and low carbon development opened


On October 24, the 7th International Symposium on market-oriented green and low-carbon development and seminar on Sino-British cooperative assessment program of climate change risk was held online. President Dong Shijie and Vice president Lu Xiaocheng attended.


In his speech, Dong Shijie introduced the development history, purpose and mode of HBUE, and expressed his sincere welcome to the participants. Professor Tengfei of Tsinghua University delivered a speech on behalf of Ms. Guo Jiangwen, senior researcher of the Ministry of energy, environment and resources of Chatham House.


The conference will focus on the theme of indirect risk assessment of climate change: assessment methods and countermeasures. Respectively giving speeches from the perspective of climate change risk and climate indirect risk of Yangtze River Economic Zone were Professor Teng Fei of Tsinghua University, Professor Zhang Xiaoling of City University of Hong Kong, Liu Qiyong, director of vector room,institution for infectious disease prevention and control, China Center for Disease Control and prevention, Xu Ying, researcher of National Climate Center, as well as professor Liu Wei of Wuhan University. Tim Benton, head of emerging risk research, from Chatham House , Professor Xue Jinjin, School of economics, Nagoya University, Zheng Yan, researcher of Ecological Civilization Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,  Liu Min, director of Wuhan Climate Center, and Dr. Sun Cheng, School of low carbon economics, Hubei University of economics, introduced climate risk response measures in the UK and Japan and urban climate risk assessment as well as response research based on Wuhan city.

The conference was sponsored by Hubei collaborative innovation center of carbon emission trading, environmental economic research and School of low carbon economics, and co-sponsored by research center of climate change and energy economy of Wuhan University, European research center of Wuhan University, National Climate Center, National Institute of infectious disease prevention and control of China Center for Disease control and prevention, and Chatham House. Attended the meeting were experts and scholars from Chatham House, Nagoya University of Japan, City University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Central South University of Finance and law, central China Normal University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, National Climate Center, China Center for Disease Control and prevention, as well as representatives of teachers and students of HBUE.