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The 15th online faculty training session successful held


On the afternoon of 10 December, the 15th online faculty training session was successfully held by the International Exchange & Cooperation Department, during which Professor Linda Polkowski, a linguist from York University, UK, was invited as the guest and she delivered a lecture with the theme of Neologisms and Social Change”.


Professor Polkowski first introduced the constant change of English with the development of society. Then she gave some examples of neo-words and phrases and invited the attending teachers to discuss their meanings in small groups in which she would also inspire the discussion and gave suggestions. Then she explained the meaning of the aforementioned new words by giving example sentences in the form of pictures. In the 90-minute lecture, online group discussions were held for three times and the interaction has attracted many joining teachers. She then further explained the current social and media hot spots and social development behind the invention of these new words. Professor Polkowski has rich experience in training and English teaching as she is TESOL certified, and therefore the training session was very interactive and interesting, and participating teachers learnt a lot about the English vocabulary with the latest and hottest phrases.


Prof Polkowski is a master's program tutor of York University, a British linguistic expert, former president of Britain's top language schools for 22 years, the examiner of IELTS.