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A football match was held between International students of SIE and University football team


On the afternoon of March 11, the international students from the School of International Education had a friendly match with the football team of the university. The two sides played a standard match in the spirit of friendship first and competition second.


The players of both sides are full of fighting spirit from the beginning. In the first half, with team cooperation and clever passing and shooting, the school football team was in the led by two goals, but the international student team didn’t give and keep fighting despite of the fact of being left behind. During the half-time break, the players did a tactical analysis by discussing the reason for the failure in the first half competition. Then, within 5 minutes after the second half, CHIKHWAZA YANJANANI, the captain of the international student football team, got a chance and scored with his excellent speed and skill. At the end of the game, the school football team won 4-2 against the international students’ team. After the game, the players of the two teams shook hands and praised each other's fighting spirit.


The purpose of this friendly competition is to strengthen the exchange and friendship between Chinese and foreign students. Through the competition, the students of two teams not only doing sports, but also strengthen their team cooperation ability. After the game, the players of the two teams had a friendly exchange and introduced each other's football cognition and culture. And the students gained a lot.