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Activity of "Reading Ten Thousand Books is Like Traveling Ten Thousand Miles - My story of teaching Chinese in Africa" was successfully held


On the afternoon of May 27, the 22nd live library activity was held on the second floor of the library. The library invited Sun Xuan, a professor from the school of Journalism and communication, to give a lecture on the theme of reading thousands of books is like traveling ten thousand miles - I taught Chinese in Africa.   School of International Education organizes international students to participate in this activity


At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Sun briefly explained the reason why he went to Sudan to be a Chinese language teacher. Then, Mr. Sun shared from four aspects: general situation of Sudan, Chinese language teaching in Sudan, my two years' work and life in Sudan, and some insights. Then, Mr. Sun introduced in detail his working experience at the Confucius Institute of Khartoum University in Sudan to teach senior students of the Chinese department. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Sun summed up three insights from his two years of teaching Chinese: first, respect different cultural customs and actively integrate into local life; Second, face up to yourself, be good at adjusting, be sincere and frank, and be kind to others; The third is to cultivate an open mind, broad thinking and expanded vision.


After listening to the lecture, the foreign students had a lot of insights. Many foreign students hoped that they would have the courage to break through the boundaries no matter when and where they are or what identity they have, and bravely walk out of the comfort zone, broaden their horizons, live a wonderful life and realize the value of life.