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Listen to the story of the Long March and appreciate the anti-epidemic spirit


Medical workers in HBUE are so great! said Song Bei, an international student from Hubei University of Economics. May 12 is the International Nurses Day. In order to tell the China’s story, the School of International Education organized an activity themed with Listen to the Long March story and appreciate the anti-epidemic spirit.


Patients are nothing trivial! Nursing work is reflected in this daily trivial matter, but in which it bears the trust of countless lives. The story was shared by Wang Lingli, a nurse at the HBUE Hospital. Mei Xiaoyuan, a doctor at the HBUE Hospital, said: “no body is born to be strong, but people have developed a spirit of never giving up inspired by the Long March story.” All teachers and students were moved by the medical workers.


In the subsequent lecture, Prof. Ye Xiaodong, Dean of the School of Marxism, told the great story of the Long March to teachers and students. He refined the Long March spirit as a vivid reflection of the revolutionary style of the Chinese Communists and the people's army under their leadership, a concentrated display of the Chinese nation's self-improvement national character, and the highest manifestation of the national spirit with patriotism as the core.


Jordan, a foreign student from the School of International Education, said that: “This activity not only allowed us to understand the story of the Long March, but also enabled us to feel the efforts of medical staff in the battle against the epidemic, and they share the same spirit of braveness and perseverance.