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The Swinburne University of Technology visits HBUE


On September 4th, 2018, Dr. Bill Damachis, Vice President of the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia paid a visit to our university along with two other colleagues. The heads of International Exchange & Cooperation Department, Department of Teaching Affairs, Department of Graduate and Director of Accounting Master Program participated the meeting.


The Vice President of Hubei University of Economics, He Huigang met with delegation from Swinburne University of Technologyand gave them a warm welcome. In the cooperative meeting, Vice President He Huigang introduced the achievements that HBUE has accomplished in the past year including the good results in the evaluation of undergraduate program quality organized by Minister of Education. He also praised and complimented this delegation from Swinburne University of Technology on their success and efforts in building the close partnership concerning student’s academic results and their frequent of academic exchange visits within this year, validating a long-term commitment and cooperative to the partnership alliance agreement. In addition, Sino foreign joint education program has also welcome these new developments and are anticipating an enhancement of collaboration over the next few years, whilst still cultivating the postgraduate and undergraduate students in all aspect of business and culture.


The Vice-President Bill Damachis and project leader De-anne Richards appreciated the warm hospitality given by our university. He also suggested that the Swinburne University of Technology attached a greater importance to the advancement of this collaboration and is looking forward to furthering profound humanities and academic exchanges.


During the meeting, both universities have reached a mutual consensus relation to follow project 3+1+1 undergraduate plus master degree programs and project 1+1+1 joint cultivation of master degree, and are expected to sign the appropriate contract within the next 3 months.