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President Dong Shijie attended the Chinese-Foreign University President Forum and gave a speech


On October 26th, 2018, President Dong Shijie accepted an invitation from the Zhongnan University of Economics and Lawto attend the Chinese-Foreign University President Forum. The forum attendees included Mr. Du Yubo, President of China higher education society and former deputy minister of education. Furthermore, presidents and vice presidents from China and other 22 foreign universities were also invited to attend this forum which included universities from the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom.  


President Dong Shijie gave a report on the exploration of cultivation of talents in new business studies under the background of Big Data. This report was subdivided into 5 sections which covered some major aspects of the new business training talent program.It includes the background, the connotation and scope, the training specifications,the challenges faced by the training, and the exploration of training in HBUE.


In his report, President Dong believes that the new generation of information technologies such as mobile internet, big data and artificial intelligence has already triggered a new round of technological revolution. Big data has become the most important factor in global production, changing business thinking activities and alter technology performances relate to in-house training programs within today’s emerging industries whilst influence people’s thought, ideas and social behaviors.


Therefore, in order to grow and develop within today’s emerging industries, organizations and institutes need to enhance their performance by upgrading data, technologies creative thinking and introduce new business in talent training programs within their particular industries or business to thrive.


President Dong’s report concluded that the connotation and target of new business the requirement for talents cultivation over knowledge, ability and quality specification which are essential elements to ensure success within talent training programs. In addition, President Dong also pointed out the ongoing problems and challenges facing the implementation procedure associate with this new business talent training programs.

He also mentioned the long history that our own university has had as a renowned business school for Hubei area with the additional expertise and experience for implementation and execution of first-rate new business talent training programs, practices and procedures with confidence. 

Finally, President Dong called for universities to build on their existing consensus and collaboration to create, develop and promote new business talent training programs throughout their own establishment as to enhance overall performance pertain to the four services. Therefore, the main purpose and mission for every single college and university within China is to make greater contributions toward the cause and effect of the advancement and development of higher education system for our country.