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Professor Catherine Lions from Umea University (Sweden) visited and taught in our school


Professor Catherine Lions from Umea University was invited to give lectures to the students of the School of Accountancy in our University. For three weeks, starting from October 12th and finishing on November 2nd Prof. Lions taught a course in Financial Analysis targeting the 2014 ACCA class. The course involved teaching students how to read the company’s financial statements, how to find useful information within the statement and how to analyze and evaluate the economic performance of an enterprise through analysis of its financial data.


Using teaching various European teaching methods, - lectures, discussions, data calculation and analysis - Prof. Lions taught students to read annual reports of over 100 pages. Prof. Lions analyzed annual reports of large international companies such as; Apple, Samsung, Carrefour and several other companies. She also organized group discussions and students were encouraged to present their opinions and ideas. The teaching method used by Prof. Lions proved to be very popular among students.


In addition, Prof. Lions conducted lectures for freshman in ACCA and CIMA classes, introducing students to the prospect of professional employment and the key points about applying to study overseas. Prof. Lions provided suggestions on the internationalization course system of ACCA & CIMA based on her own teaching experience in managerial accounting.