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Group led by Vice President He Huigang visited Taiwan


From December 18th to 23rd, Vice-President He Huigang led a delegation to visit National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology and Asia University, aiming at hiring high-level talents. Furthermore communications about cooperation lied in aspects of faculty exchange, student exchange, innovation and enterprise education, scientific research and discipline construction have been conducted between presidents.

The Vice-President He pointed that we adhere to the strategy of strengthening university by talents, and the introduction of high-level personnel in Taiwan is one of the important measures to accelerate the implementation of the strategy. Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council gave us the authorization to set up Cross-strait Youth Employment Entrepreneurship Experimental Demonstration Center. Now there are 25 full-time Taiwanese teachers in our university. We established Cross-strait Middle and Small-sized Enterprises Research Institute, and carried out the assessment of senior professional titles of Taiwanese teachers, etc. The Vice-President He sincerely invites talented young people, experts and scholars in Taiwan to our university, and strengthen the cooperation between each other.

In the duration, we held a high-level talents recruitment and interviewed 13 Taiwanese PhD graduates. They gave high praise to our schooling capability and beautiful campus surroundings after watching the advertisement video of HBUE. . Also, they admired our working concept in HBUE: live feel comfortable, work feel at ease, and develop with confidence, and expressed their willingness to teach in our university.