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Top news events of 2021


Approved masters degree awarding units

In 2021, our university was approved to grant master's degree, and also approved to grant master's degree in accounting, finance and law.

This is a historic breakthrough and an important milestone in our school, also fully shows that the schools have to serve his country special needs the practice of the accounting major graduate student education pilot recognition, is bound to more effectively serve the national and regional economic and social development, and more effectively serve the Hubei built fulcrum, walk in the forefront, write a new chapter strategy deployment, It will promote the high growth and high quality development of the school more effectively.



The fourth Party Congress was held

The fourth Party Congress was held from October 15 to 17. The congress approved the work report delivered by Wen Xingsheng on behalf of the third Party Committee: Have the courage to take responsibility and be good, Make Good achievements and Embark on a New Journey to Comprehensively build a High-level University of Finance and Economics with Distinctive Characteristics. Report raised jinping new age the mind the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, practically summarizes the performance since the third party, objectively analyses the new situation faced by the school reform and development of new task, put forward two leaps school three steps strategy target, the main task of the next five years, has been clear about the school Make systematic deployment to lead high quality development of school with high quality party construction.


Add 7 national first-class undergraduate major construction points

The Ministry of Education announced the list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate programs for 2020. Seven majors, including Economics, Leisure Sports, Business English, journalism, Software Engineering, Financial Management and Logistics Management, were approved as national first-class undergraduate programs. Taxation, Insurance, Translation, Electronic information Engineering, business Administration and e-commerce have been approved as provincial first-class undergraduate programs.

Sun Yongping's project was approved as a major project by the National Social Science Fund

Academic productivity continues to climb in 2021. Professor Sun Yongping's project was approved as a major project by the National Social Science Fund, achieving a breakthrough of zero major national social science projects in our university. The project was approved by the Ministry of Education for humanities and Social Science research projects, and ranked first among provincial universities. Twelve projects were funded by the National Social Science Fund in 2021, ranking the 8th among universities in The province and the 2nd among universities affiliated to the province. Eight projects were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), with the number of supported projects and funding rate reaching a new high in 2020.



The textbook edited by Yao Chunxia won the second prize of national Excellent Textbook

The textbook Chinese Cooking Technology and Practice edited by Associate Professor Yao Chunxia of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management won the second prize of the first National Textbook Construction Award, achieving a breakthrough of zero national prize in textbook construction of our school. The National Textbook Construction Award is the highest award in the field of textbooks in China. It is an important system for reviewing and displaying the achievements of textbook construction in serving the Party and the country in personnel training, enhancing the sense of honor and responsibility of textbook workers, and promoting the construction of a textbook system with Chinese characteristics and world level.


Real scholars, good teachers, scholars emerged


In 2021, real scholars, good teachers, and scholars of economic institutes will emerge. The majority of teachers remain true to their original aspiration to cultivate morality and talents, keep in mind the mission of educating people for the Party and the country, adhere to the correct direction of academic research and education, constantly improve their own qualities and abilities, provide students with higher-quality learning experience, and strive to cultivate socialist builders and successors who are well-developed morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically, and labor.



The 10-year construction of Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for Carbon Emission Trading has yielded fruitful results

The first academic journal of environmental economics in China, the first school of low-carbon Economy in China, the major project of National Social Science Fund, the first one in Hubei Province... Ten years of construction of Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for Carbon Emission Trading has yielded fruitful results. Many firsts have emerged in Hubei province, and the elements of economic schools shine in every link of the construction of carbon trading market.



Contribute to the development of Chu cuisine industry

Our school has been committed to the cultural inheritance and innovation of Chu cuisine for a long time, and has achieved remarkable results in research, writing books, organizing conferences and participating in competitions. The university has accelerated the convolution and leapfrog development of Hubei Chu Cuisine Research Institute, contributing wisdom and strength to the in-depth implementation of rural revitalization strategy and construction of Hubei province with strong cuisine and skills.


Supporting poverty alleviation and rural revitalization

Our school's helping team in Zhongyangpo Village, Taiping Town, Hefeng County won the honorary title of Advanced Collective in Poverty Alleviation in Hubei Province. The university has been assisting Zhuangyangpo Village in Hefeng County for 11 years. In 2021, the university will effectively link up the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization and shoulder the mission of serving rural revitalization.